The Abushady Way presents

Man of the Heart


Are you ready to surpass your perceived limitations and self-initiate into higher levels of Heart-centered awareness?

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It's time to face your fears & claim your birthright of inner peace & happiness!

✔ Become a Heart-Centered Leader No more second-guessing & overthinking

The Heart is the direct conduit to the Self. Overcome the mental programs & center in your Inner Truth with the Heart as the guide. You will do this by aligning with the Highest Will & surrendering the need to control everything for personal gain. The result is the version of you who is completely unrestrained, unchained, & free to BE AS YOU ARE.


✔ Step out of boyhood into manhood No more waiting for somebody to save you

You must take full responsibility & accountability as the creator of your own experience & rise from little man-boy programs into the divine masculine. This means you accept that you have thought yourself into this mess & now you have to unthink yourself out. It will require serious discipline & effort to sharpen the one-pointed mind but this will allow you to be a most proficient instrument for God to enact His Will through you. The result is the ability to truly be in the kind of service to the world that creates great impact for generations.

✔ Get out of your own way No more overthinking

You will relax & trust in the process without needing to control it all. In the surrender to the divine, you will witness the miracles & synchronicities unfolding all around & through you effortlessly, & you will not be the one doing it. This comes about by gradually taking away the importance of the endless commentary of the mind & instead, fully resting into the All-Knowing Heart. As you knowingly rest in the Heart & abide as the inner silence, the power of Divine Authority is naturally embodied.

✔ Attune to Inner Guidance No more doubting & questioning 

You will receive a simple method to get concise answers & direction from the field. Through trusting in the teaching & the intuitions you receive, you will dissolve what you are not in order to embody the Highest Truth. This will be expressed in a unique way according to your perspective but ultimately it will be the One Self acting through you. Trusting in the divine guidance, you need never worry about what seems to be occurring in your reality because you KNOW everything is happening in alignment with the PLAN.


I completely lost touch with the Heart

The mind was blown, manipulated, wreaking havoc, & so the voice of the Heart fell to the background

Going through the 'dark night' I felt that I was going insane. The mind had become master & I had become slave, & my heart ached for me to return home

I felt intense anxiety, tightness in the chest, the inability to breathe, & a racing, rambling jumble of thoughts. The mind was in complete opposition to the Heart…

Something had to give!

Under immense pressure the realization dawned upon me: following these thoughts had only brought dismay, & if it had brought joy, it was momentary & soon turned for the worse

With all this time chasing desires & worrying about trying to control thoughts in my head, there was no space to actually fulfill what I came to this Earth to do

How could I serve from a place of clarity & love when my own being was not in coherence?

I needed to find a way to get clear. I chose to step away from giving the thoughts all the power & instead placed my trust & attention in the voice of the Heart

Everything changed when I finally made that decision

My power came back to me, the fear dissipated, the illusion fell, & the voice of the Heart shined forth with brilliant radiance & clarity 

It became so clear that I was meant to go through this process so I could truly understand & help my brothers on their journey

Living from our minds is living in a world of illusion & the cause of all our suffering

When we unwaveringly align to the voice of our Hearts we overcome the insanity of the world & abide as peace which is the quality of our True Self.


There's nobody to blame

Can you accept that you have been living in a fantasy?

Do you see that this is all your own creation?

Are you ready to apply the wisdom to wake up from the dream to new levels of peace & sovereignty?


Man of the Heart 

A 3-month quest to overcome the limiting mental programs & embody the full limitless presence of the Heart as the door to the True Self

A truly wholistic & pure approach to mens work, Man of the Heart is a radical offering designed to guide men out of the incessant chatter of mind & into the All-Knowing Awareness of the Heart. This is the work that addresses all of your problems at the root. It is the process that liberates you from suffering & it is the one spiritual goal that allows you to serve your lover, your friends, your family, your tribe, & all of creation in the highest & truest way possible. 

Have you not been suffering long enough brother? Do you not want to serve those who suffer around you? It’s time to wake up & see that all of your problems are self-created. You’ve been the one this whole time feeding into them, believing them, & giving them power. As you remember your Source, what appears to be separate dissolves in the fire of its realization.

There is not another program specifically for men which dives to these depths.

*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to the application. You’ll be asked a few questions to see if you’re a good fit & will be given the price of the program. If you're the right fit for Man of the Heart, we'll reach out to you within 48 hours & discuss next steps for enrollment.

Inside Man of the Heart you will:

 ✔ Overcome mental/physical/energetic blockages Go to the root & unearth what is stagnant

These blockages are rooted in the energy of stuck emotion. By feeling fully you can release these blockages. You will bring awareness to the feelings through conscious breathing practices, guided meditations, & inner-body journeying, where what needs to be witnessed will rise to the surface to be felt and let go. This will free you up to access deeper levels of peace & sovereignty in every aspect of your life. 

✔ Obliterate Fear Look fear right in the eye

In facing yourself, every little fear that would deter you from the path will come up. In the process of witnessing & accepting what arises, these fears will be destroyed and you will reclaim your spiritual power. You will do this by trusting fully in the teachings of the Absolute and diligently fortifying your inner world with techniques that align you with your impenetrable Heart.

✔Attune to the divine guidance of your Heart Learn to use the Heart Compass

This is about trusting without doubt in the Highest Will communicated through your Heart to live in authenticity & balance. This is what guides you & prepares you for union with the feminine Oracle & to the fulfillment of your highest service to life, otherwise known as your Prophecy. By continuously bringing awareness to the Heart & practicing the fundamental teachings of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, & compassion, you will dissolve the restless mind in stillness as the All-encompassing Heart.

✔ Embodiment as our True Self Become a Heart-centered masculine leader

No longer overthinking, doubting or questioning you now love & trust fully in the unfolding of life. You are at peace with 'what is' so you no longer drown in mental loops & can now serve & guide your fellow brothers & sisters. This means you can relax into Presence with the ultimate embodiment of humility, honor, patience, purity, innocence, integrity, peace, & trust in your life. Whatever happens, may it be an intrusive thought, a stressful circumstance, a bodily pain, etc., you as your True Self are transcendent of this world and thus completely unaffected by it.

Man of the Heart Curriculum:

 Phase 01 - The Spiritual Ego

Removing the veil, you will see that you are not this person on a spiritual journey that you think you are. It is here that you come to terms with your hidden programs, distortions & fears. You will be called to reflect upon your life until now, to see what you have been, where you have been living in distortion, and you will receive the unique guidance that directs you through the next obstacles on the path. The spiritual ego is quite common to those at ALL LEVELS on the spiritual path so beware of pride, jealousy, and resistance arising as you read this. Accepting that you have been living a delusional spiritual life is the necessary piece that shatters the ego which fueled by its own pride has tricked itself into believing it has been making spiritual progress. Make way for true awakening.

 Phase 02 - Dark Forces & Spiritual Power

Here you will come to understand the dynamic of dark forces and Spiritual Power. The mind is the main access point for dark forces which seek to gain Light from those with Spiritual Power. Here you will acquire & lay foundational techniques to protect your energy on this journey forward. This includes tools such as conscious breathing, yogic mental exercises, and inner-body work but the true zest is in the loving and accepting Light of Awareness that pierces through the veil of illusion cast by these dark forces. The appearance of demons and 'negative' entities is expected and thus actually a positive sign on this narrow path that all great sages and masters had to walk. This may be the most intimidating phase but it is from the descent into these shadow aspects and continuously choosing the Light that true inspiration and Spiritual Power arises from.

 Phase 03 - Heart Medicine 

This is where you learn how to navigate the Compass of the Heart. At this level you tune in to discover your own unique medicine of the heart & the tools it calls you to utilize in your life. You connect more deeply with your c*ck as the devotional shivling, the positive polarity, the representation of the masculine, and a tool to cultivate sexual/spiritual energy to uplift into your Heart. In this process you awaken the ability to direct your energy in alignment with the Hearts Knowing & Gods Timing. You don't need to try so hard to rest in your Heart, but it's going to take a certain reprogramming to remove the sexual distortions from the c*ck and the addiction to your own mental narration. Rather than attempting to control the mind to find silence, simply let the Heart guide & the mind will gradually realize that it doesn't need to think so much. Then you can focus this cosmic energy into Higher Spiritual Intentions.

 Phase 04 - The Sacred Roar

Stepping out of victimhood with the Heart as our guide, you will no longer fear being in your Power. You begin to honor the lion-hearted roar that magnetizes your highest alignment & repels the identity that no longer serves. This is when you start being unapologetically yourself, expressing your inner experience through whatever means you are naturally called. You will learn to open up and strengthen your voice and your ability to write from your Heart which will enable you to unleash the divine joy & rage into the world that disintegrates fallen paradigms. As a result of stepping into this Spiritual Power, those who cannot resonate to your frequency will naturally begin to weed themselves out and make space for those who truly align. You will find yourself in circles that reflect what you are expressing.

 Phase 05 - Soul Prophecy

Gradually removing the identification with the false persona, you allow the Higher Power to guide you exactly where you need to be at the exact time without a doubt or question. You embody your Soul Prophecy when you get out of your own way. This requires the surrender of what you thought you were here to do & how you thought you wanted it to be, for how it is actually occurring. You accept that everything that is meant to happen will happen, & that you cannot force what is not meant to happen. It is here that you will deepen your trust & drop into prayer from the depths of your Heart to be guided into the Highest Service for God. You give up the attachments and chasing fleeting desires & Know without a doubt that the Higher Power is placing you exactly where you need to be without you needing to be anything other than your Self.

 Phase 06 - Eternal Loving Awareness

Free from this false identification you will embark on an inner journey to reclaim the fragmented pieces of Self, bringing the Light of Awareness to all that remains in the dark with full unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, & compassion, & without judgement or condemnation. Herein lies true sovereignty. You will learn how to completely command the I AM in your reality. You will see that you are the only One who exists, & not the separate person you thought you were, but that this body & mind don't actually exist outside of God, out of anything other than God, & the final crushing blow to the ego that you never truly existed comes crashing down. The result is liberation, peace, & unalloyed happiness. It is Knowing without needing to know. It is the remembrance of who or what you truly are, the return Home, the Eternal Loving Awareness that is the Presence, the one consistency among all experience, your True Self.

When you join Man of the Heart

You'll receive:

Live Group Transmissions

12 x 2hr group classes breaking down each phase & providing transmitted wisdom, personal stories and experiences, & practical techniques to assist you on your unique path. Each week will guide the way to surrendering deeper into Heart Awareness.

Alchemist's Library

Each week will include a selection of pre-recorded videos attuned to the topic presented in the live sessions including healing tools, modalities, practices, additional information, exercises, & guided inner work. This is the culmination of all that has been gathered throughout this spiritual journey and I'm excited to share it with you.

Private Group Chat

Sacred space for the brothers to share their experiences, ask questions, & connect with each other in full trust & support of the group. Abushady will be present in the chat twice a day to contain & witness the process. This is a place for you to really take up space, connect with Tribe, and ask the burning questions. 

Brotherhood & Tribe

Not every brother who applies will make it in to this offering. All are handpicked with Heart intuition to create the most powerful, mature, and held brotherhood container possible. You may not think you are worthy or ready for this brother, but I see you and I invite you to claim your seat around this fire.

And you will get these bonuses:

  • Tensor Ring by Moonas Magica - Unique and powerful Frequency Technology. 

Tensor technology originally channeled through by creator, Slim Spurling. These devices amplify intention and hold a steady field of conscious awareness to assist as an ally in the healing and awakening process.

  • Surprise Guest Speaker(s) - I am organizing some powerful brothers together to come drop codes on their specific specialities and life wisdom. The codes are emerging through the entire collective, which is why I am calling forth powerful brothers like you.
  • Playlists to uplift your medicine practices Specially heart-guided picks to assist you on your journey. I had to drop a lot of the music the past self was programmed by and input some new vibrations to assist in the next level of self-actualization and manhood. 
  • Unlimited lifetime access to this growing portal! Every time we run this program there will be new and updated content added to the online library which you will always be able to view and explore.
*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to the application. You’ll be asked a few questions to see if you’re a good fit and will be given the price of the program. If you're the right fit for Man of the Heart, we'll reach out to you within 48 hours and discuss next steps for enrollment. 

Hunter Jensen


"For the many months we worked together I learned a lot from Abushady. Being a young man on my journey, he is someone I could ask any questions to and always receive insight. From the asana/yoga/movement practice, the pranayama, to even just sharing what is on our hearts with each other, I deeply trust Abushady and myself and I’m grateful for all the sessions I’ve attended with him.

Throughout the sessions I’ve faced traumas I was running from, released stored tension and emotions from the body, and overall centered myself into a position to continuously remember who I am. I recommend anyone who is looking  for an extra push in life or anyone seeking some extra guidance to work with Abushady."

Seth Bjork


This is a mentorship unlike any other. I went in because I was nervous about becoming a father, and I left with a clearer vision of the masculine role to play in a child’s life and Gods plan. We covered everything from conscious consumption to Joy.

One thing that really stood out was that "the heart records everything we do." Coming from a religious upbringing I immediately thought of sins in which we confess, how the hearts imprints sins. But I learned how God has a plan for us and it’s imperative to trust in own hearts instinct to guide us no matter how fervently the mind tries to lead us astray.

As a result of letting go and fully committing to finding and honoring my reflections, and myself, I am enmeshed in a web of healthy relationships, with family, new friends and entrepreneurship. In order to build the foundation, I had to question why I was questioning anything.

The breathwork was the key to understanding. Practices I can recall at any time to reach clarity again. Abushady was precise with the technique and it makes a world of difference. The side effects to doing inner work is your life cleans up, you can sing, and make healthier life choices.

My heart feels connected and I feel committed to the embodiment of my highest potential as a future husband and father. Blessed be.




I decided to write a testimonial halfway through the Man of the Heart course because that’s when I felt that it was already worth the money that I invested. When I first got the call, I was resistant because of the price and the business of my life. I also told myself that I didn’t need anyone else to help me become a better version of myself. After muscle testing, it was a sure sign to take the leap and am I ever glad that I did! This course was exactly what I was looking for, without even looking for it.

All questions that came up, were divinely answered. The brotherhood that was created, will last a lifetime. It’s really nice to openly share what’s going on in your life and know that it’s a safe container to share, instead of bottling everything up inside like I used to. The lessons are profound and there’s an abundance of teachings. I feel that every brother and sister would benefit from this course. Even though it’s only for brothers.

Overall I feel like I’ve transformed a significant amount in a short amount of time and I have yet to go through the whole course. I look forward to everything else I get to learn! It has so many downloads, that I’ll be going over this for years to come. For anyone on the fence to take this course, I hope this helps you decide.


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"Abushady led myself and three brothers in a men's group focused on growth; spiritually, mentally and physically. We practiced breathwork, asanas, mantras, and more and refined our masculine energy. We had dynamic group sessions and 1:1 sessions with attention to personal growth.  Abushady has a positive genuine energy which was a blessing to encounter in my journey. The man has pure source coursing through his soul."



Working with Abushady was a riveting experience, where we dove head first into the inner world while also establishing a refined connection to our higher self. From having the opportunity for live conscious conversations together, to advanced yoga flows, to receiving insightful words and music, I fully appreciate the time together as we ascend in this universe. It is incredible to grow along side this brother.

[Client Name]

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My Vision for you brother...

Is that you surpass me. The teacher succeeds when the student no longer needs them and continues to excel. I see you more centered, balanced, with an increased level of awareness, magnetizing beautiful relationships and opportunities, doing more of what you love, being more at peace with what is, and overall experiencing radical shift in your life. At the same time, I trust we will continue in brotherhood after walking through a journey like this. So I ask you Man of the Heart, are you ready for this Quantum Leap?

*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to the application. You’ll be asked a few questions to see if you’re a good fit and will be given the price of the program. If you're the right fit for [program name], we'll reach out to you within 48 hours and discuss next steps for enrollment.